Broad Overview of being a

Youth Ride Leader

Our After School Bike Clubs are thriving because we have a dedicated group of parents, teachers, and adult mentors that volunteer to run our bike clubs each season. Each ride leader has been Ride Leader certified through the BICP, has, at minimum, current basic first aid (or above) and completed a WASP background check.  Please email char.waller@wmbcmtb.org to get a complete information packet.

About WMBC Ride Leader & Volunteers

Thank you to all you dedicated volunteer ride leaders and ride assistants who share our common vision of getting kids outside and on bikes.

If you aren't seeing a club for your youth, consider starting a new group/club. WMBC pays for your Ride Leader Certification; all we ask in return is that you are committed to running your club/group for at least a couple of seasons.

If you are interested in volunteering with a youth group, there are many after-school ride clubs that welcome additional adult volunteers. All that is required is a background check and the ability to ride a bike without being a hazard to yourself or the group! WMBC is excited to partner with you on our shared vision of getting kids out on bikes. The WMBC After School Ride program has been going for over 8 years. Each group rides 6-8 times per season. 


We have several clubs running in spring and fall including multiple groups of Vamos Outdoors youth and the girl's Flying Squirrels Bike Club. WMBC is strongly committed to getting kids outside.  We all know that riding mountain bikes is a perfect way to engage kids outside, give them some thrills, peer camaraderie, and exercise. All good things!