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Meet new friends, build skills on your bike, and have a blast out in the woods!


Flying Squirrels is an after-school bike club open to girls from any school in our community. 2nd grade through high school, all skill levels welcome. There are two different 8 week after-school riding clubs each year: one in Spring (April - June) and one in Fall (Sept - Oct). We also do a few informal rides over the summer to keep girls having fun on bikes all year!


For each ride we will divide into small groups based on skill level (beginner - advanced),  explore trails on Galbraith, and get to know each other better through games & activities. The focus for everyone is to have FUN as we create a supportive environment to learn and build confidence on our bikes.


This is a riding club aimed to get girls out on the trails having fun on their bikes with other riders at their experience level. We believe more time on bikes naturally leads to skill improvement. Instruction will be limited to the basics - braking, shifting, attack position (standing "level pedal"), etc.



WMBC Flying Squirrels - Girl's Mountain Bike Club 



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This club is for beginner through advanced mountain bike riders! Participants must....

  • Be confident riding a bike 

  • it's ok if they've never ridden trails, but should be fairly competent on sidewalks, gravel paths, etc.

  • Have a Mountain Bike with functional front and rear brakes

  • Wear a helmet (No Exceptions)

  • Be dropped off by an adult at trails with their bikes and gear



We will depart the parking lot and ride for about 1.5 hours with plenty of breaks for snacks, water, "get to know you" activities, and games that will increase bike handling skills. Each group will head to trails suitable for the stamina & skill level of its riders.


All participants will need:

  • Mountain bike with functional front and rear brakes. Please have your child’s bike checked out by a qualified bike mechanic at one of our great bike shops in town. Have them check the brakes, drivetrain, tires, headset, shocks (if applicable), and overall condition of the bike. Most bike shops offer this service at no charge.

  • Helmet (No Exceptions)

  • A bike tube that is the right size for their wheel (check at a bike shop).

  • Hydration pack or water bottle (non-glass)

  • Snack - please make sure your child brings a nourishing snack, possibly two if they tend to be hungry after school and while exercising


Clothing and necessary items: (Parents discretion)

  • Good, stiff-soled shoes - no sandals, boots, or crocs!

  • Rain jacket

  • shorts or pants: synthetic works best

  • Warm ( thermal/not cotton) undershirt, and one other non-cotton warmer layer.

  • Parents: It is likely that kids will get cold and possibly wet. Having warm and dry clothes and appropriate layers will help them enjoy and appreciate being out in the elements. Parents, please prepare your child with what they will need to enjoy themselves in any kind of weather.


Other Items (Not Required): Bike Gloves, Galbraith Trails Map, Portable Bike Pump, Patch Kit, Spare tube, Tire levers, Allen Wrenches, Knee and Elbow Pads, Protective eyewear.

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