Want to hold an event, ongoing program, or commercial photo/video shoot on Galbraith Mountain? Please fill out the following forms and email a them to with the title: "Galbraith Mountain Event Forms."

Filming Request Form

Standard requirements:

      -The City requires a Certificate of Insurance with a Certificate of Liability in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence:   

      -The certificate must name the City of Bellingham as additional and must include this statement: “The City of Bellingham, its officers, employees, elected officials, agents, and volunteers are additional insured. Coverage is primary and non-contributory with a waiver of subrogation.” 
      -The certificate must also have separate endorsements: 
          -Names the City of Bellingham as additional insured and include the above statement 
          -Primary and non-contributory 
          -Waiver of Subrogation (also called a Transfer of Rights)