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"The weekly races are one of the reasons I decided to move to Bellingham, and I’m looking forward to next year." 2022 WWC racer

Whatcom World Cup is a fun, community mountain bike race held on Galbraith Mountain Wednesday evenings in spring! The races are open to all, including youth. Enjoy an evening of racing followed by an after party with beverages and food on the mountain.

Racers are given timing chips to zip tie to their forks and number plates to attach to their handlebars before each race - the timer starts when you cross the starting mat!


START TIME: Youth (18 and under) rolling start 5 PM, ends 5:30 PM, Adults rolling start 5:30 PM, ends 7:30 PM. Exact timing is subject to sunlight, racers earlier in the year need to start promptly and end by 7 PM. Later racers will be able to end later in the evening.

CHIP PICK-UP: 4 PM-6 PM (you do need to wait in the chip line if you have a season pass). Chip timing and results provided by Pacific Multi-Sports. You are responsible for the cost of lost or forgotten timing chips - if you accidentally take one home please return it to the WMBC office at 770 E Holly St. ASAP.

REGISTRATION: Register ahead of time online for each race (even if you have a season pass), each race is capped at 200 racers.

COST: $20 per race, plus one-time $5 plate (must be WMBC member). No refunds for missed race days.


SEASON PASS: $220 (includes chip) per season, only 100 passes available. Includes: WWC tech-t & custom plate! Pass registration opens Monday, March 27th through April 14th.

APRES: First beer is a part of ticket price! Each subsequent beer is $3 or two for $5 (cash only), all proceeds benefit WMBC. Most apres held on mountain and sponsored by local brewery. Beverages/food for racers first. 21+ please get your stamp during chip check-in.

ORDER: Racers self-seed. 30 seconds between each racer, if you need more time just ask and we will give you a 'ghost rider.' No separate start time for women though we usually leave room between youth and adults for a JoyRiders group to race together.

POINTS: Points are accumulated each race based on your time, your top 8 best race scores will contribute to your overall score. You are racing against your age group in the following categories: male, female, or non-binary.

NEW HARDTAIL CLASS: Accumulate points for hardtail standings each time you ride a hardtail, you do not have to commit to a season of hardtail ridin​g. Points count toward the overall age group standing, no matter what your riding.

Please note that e-bikes are not permitted to race.


EMS: We’ll have EMS staff positioned at strategic locations along the course.

VOLUNTEERS: We’ll need roughly 10 volunteers per race (some races more than others) and you will receive our utmost appreciation (WWC voly shirt, food, and bevies). Sign-up below!

RIDER DOWN RULE: If a racer comes across a downed racer, he/she is required to stop and see if the down racer is uninjured before continuing on. If immediate medical aid is needed, call 911 or wait for the next racer to come by. Then one racer will go to inform a race official and one racer stays with the down racer.

DOGS: Please leave your dogs at home if you are racing. If you plan to spectate/ heckle (please do!) and want to bring your dog, it 100% needs to be on leash for Fido and racers’ safety! No exceptions.

PARKING / ACCESS: Please consider how you get to these races. If you live close and can ride, then please do so. Do NOT clog up the neighborhoods and, please, be extra courteous to our neighbors! No on-mountain vehicle access.

TRAIL UPKEEP: Trail maintenance will be scheduled post race to minimize the race affect on our trails.

Please contact if you have any questions.


10 races for everyone with a bonus race for women-identifying racers only

WWC #1 | May 10th
WWC #2 | May 24th
WWC Bonus | June 7th
Women-identifying racers only
WWC #3 | June 14th
WWC #4 | June 21st
WWC #5 | June 24th
Waterfront Pump Track Qualifier
WWC #6 | June 28th
WWC #7 | July 26th
WWC #8 | August 9th
WWC #9 | August 23rd
WWC #10 | August 26th
Waterfront Pump Track, Podiums, and After Party

*Due to 4th of July, NW Tune-Up, & Crankworx we will only have one race in July


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