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Empowering youth to build confidence and skills on a mountain bike through a fun, safe, and social environment! We believe more time on bikes naturally leads to skill improvement and time outdoors with peers is good for social and emotional health!


Most camps run Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm with lots of breaks for snacks and lunch. Camps are offered to riders ages 8-10 and 11-13. We will have a beginner group (Levels 1/2) and an intermediate group (Levels 3/4). See below for Skill Level descriptions.

What to Bring & Prepare For

Participants must:

  • Bring a mountain bike with functional front and rear brakes. *Please make sure bikes are checked out by a qualified bike mechanic at one of our great bike shops in town. Have them check the brakes, drivetrain, tires, headset, shocks (if applicable) and overall condition of the bike. Most bike shops offer this service at no charge. 

  • Helmet (no exceptions)

  • Good, stiff soled, closed-toe shoes - no sandals, boots, or crocs

  • Hydration pack and/or portable water bottle

  • Snacks and big lunch - but please show up with a full belly of healthy, nutritious food

  • Bike tire tube that is the right size for wheels (check at bike shop). 

  • Rain jacket and warm (synthetic or wool/not cotton) layer

  • Shorts or close fitting pants (loose pants can get caught in drivetrain and cause an accident): synthetic and stretchy works best

Weather can cancel the day; please understand the safety of our participants is our first priority and we will cancel/reschedule in case of any weather deemed unsafe.


Camps will be led by WMBC trained Camp Leaders with a ratio of 2 leaders to 8 riders max. Camp Leaders are certified in first aid, have experience working with kids, and will provide a safe, fun and engaging camp experience.


Most days will start and end at the southside Samish Way parking lot unless otherwise communicated.


Riders can expect plenty of time on their bike in addition to lots of games and activities off the bike.


Instruction will be limited to the basics - braking, shifting, ready position, level pedals, and bike/body separation.

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June 24-28: Beginner 8-10 yo

June 24-28: Intermediate 8-10 yo


July 1-3: Beginner 11-13 yo

July 1-3: Intermediate 11-13 yo


July 8-11: Beginner 8-10 yo

July 8-11: Intermediate 8-10 yo

July 8-11: Beginner 11-13 yo

July 8-11: Intermediate 11-13 yo


July 22-26: Beginner 8-10 yo

July 22-26: Intermediate 8-10 yo

July 22-26: Beginner 11-13 yo

July 22-26: Intermediate 11-13 yo


August 5-9: Beginner 8-10 yo

August 5-9: Intermediate 8-10 yo

August 5-9: Beginner 11-13 yo

August 5-9: Intermediate 11-13 yo


August 12-16: Beginner 8-10 yo

August 12-16: Intermediate 8-10 yo

August 12-16: Beginner 11-13 yo

August 12-16: Intermediate 11-13 yo


August 19-23: Beginner 8-10 yo

August 19-23: Intermediate 8-10 yo

August 19-23: Beginner 11-13 yo

August 19-23: Intermediate 11-13 yo



Skill Levels for BEGINNER RIDERS

Level 1: 

  • New to mountain biking on trails but not new to biking moderate grades while riding on streets/sidewalks

  • Controlled speed and braking; able to stop but it might not look totally in control

  • Able to shift gears but may not always be in the right gear at the right time

  • Comfortable riding around the neighborhood or on gravel trails such as the Interurban, Whatcom Falls, around Lake Padden, but not comfortable with climbing or descending steeper grades


Level 2: 

  • Has been mountain biking a few times on local green trails

  • Comfortable riding at moderate grades but a bit nervous committing to blue trails and/or steeper grades

  • Controlled speed and braking at faster speeds; able to use both front and rear hand brakes (one finger braking)

  • Can ride while standing and can coast with level pedals (flat pedals, parallel to ground)

  • Can ride over small roots, rocks and obstacles

  • Confident riding trails such as Lost Giants, Cowbelle, Bunny Trails, Karma



Level 3: 

  • Has been mountain biking somewhat consistently for over a year and feels comfortable on most green and blue trails

  • Controlled braking at faster speeds

  • Can shift effectively by anticipating terrain

  • Comfortable getting over rocks and roots and small rolls/drops (less than a foot) but not comfortable jumping or “getting air”

  • Comfortable on wide switchbacks that are not too steep

  • Can ride standing, balanced, with level pedals and understand to lower seat for descending

  • Confident riding trails such as Mullet, Intestine, 911


Level 4: 

  • Has been mountain biking consistently and is comfortable riding the majority of trails on Galbraith mountain

  • Can shift smoothly and often

  • Comfortable with bike-body separation to maintain balance and speed

  • Has the strength and endurance to climb to the top of Galbraith with minimal breaks

  • Comfortable riding at faster speeds, possibly hitting small drops (less than 2 feet) and table top jumps and using wheel lifts to get up/over obstacles

  • Ability to scan and anticipate trail ahead and looking through turns for good cornering technique

  • Confident overall bike handling skills; using bike-body separation to maintain balance and speed

  • Confident riding trails such as SST, Unemployment Line, Atomic Dog


Summer 2024 Registration


8-10 Year Olds

June 24-28: Beginner
July 8-11: Beginner
July 22-26: Beginner
Aug 5-9: Beginner
Aug 12-16: Beginner
Aug 19-23: Beginner
June 24-28: Inter
July 8-11: Inter
July 22-26: Inter
Aug 5-9: Inter
Aug 12-16: Inter
Aug 19-23: Inter

11-13 Year Olds

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