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Whatcom World Cup #9 | Wed, August 18th

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Structures Brewing and Transition Bikes Presents: Whatcom World Cup #9 - Happy Hour - Keystone - Vitamin R

Register: HERE

Course Description:

- This week's course will go down Happy Hour (skipping Spirit Bear), go past Bottle Opener and take a left on Keystone, go across the road on Vitamin R and continue down to the 2700 Road (above the Finger).

- Timing chip pickup will be at the top of Happy Hour / the Snack Shack starting at 4. The apres zone will be at the finish area along the 2700 Road. Groms will start dropping at 5PM, followed by the ladies and the men last. Apres is at the Bottom of Vitamin R

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