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July 4th Trail update: WWC #3, brushing, bears, and fires

Happy Independence Day ya’ll from Eric Brown!

Whatcom World Cup #3

-sponsored by Fanatik Bike. -The course is down SST to the muffin top. We are skipping the rock rolll.....chains are on this year!


-Huge thanks to the Wednesday brushing crew for brushing a ton of trails! The Wednesday crew has been: Clark Wiese, Steve Crogan, Steve Railing, Jeff Small and Harrison Winkle

- Jason Babcock and the Whatcom Community College crew brushed on Kaya and Hopscotch.

- Jof Abshire brushed Baby Bear yesterday.

- Still tons of brushing to be done, so give a shout if you’d like to help us out.

We’ve had several recent bear sightings on El Pollo, Geneva connector, and Bob’s.

There is an agitated property owner off of Birch St. stealing our directional trail signs, making wild accusations, and telling everyone that the Galbraith trails are getting closed down. This is not the case. If you see anyone removing signs, please snap a picture of them and send it to us.

With the fire level going up and burn bans, this is a reminder *absolutely do not light off fireworks* or create any fires near / in the woods.

Happy 4th everyone!

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