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Dog On-Leash Rules

It's time to revisit and re-emphasize basic dog-on-leash etiquette - these are not suggestions, they are rules that protect riders, their dogs, hikers, and the neighborhoods that we access our trails through. If you are off the trails or in an on-leash area like Whatcom Falls or parts of Lake Padden, then your dog is leashed.

There was a recent incident in the Birch neighborhood with an unleashed dog that has sparked this conversation. Please be considerate of the people who live in the neighborhoods around Galbraith, Sudden Valley and the Chuckanuts. Whether your dog is running through a neighbor's flower bed or taking a poop in someone's yard, chasing their cat, or just getting in the way of vehicles, they NEED to be on-leash as you ride to and from off-leash trails. Not everyone likes dogs and certainly doesn't love your dog. If you can't be bothered to ride with a leash and respect our neighbors, then leave your dog at home. End of story.

We know the vast majority of dog owners are respectful and enjoy getting out with their trail dogs. Please do your part and leash your dog whenever you are off the trails or in riding with them in on-leash trail areas. Thank you!


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