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Plans for the waterfront bike park were ultimately a collaborative effort between the WMBC and the Port of Bellingham. Greg Nicoll is the employee who headed up the project. The Port and WMBC have added a skills park and three jump lines (black, blue, and green) to the bike park to help beginning riders practice their technique in summer 2021. In all, 68,000 tons of dirt were hauled in by Oceanside Construction and formed into the approximately 20,000-square-feet of various berms and banked turns that make up the track.


This pump track is located downtown at the waterfront, near Waypoint Park. There is plenty of parking in the gravel parking lot at the west end or on the road along W Laurel St. or Granary Ave.

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Photography by Pedro Jimenez


Skills Zone & Jump Lines

In addition to the pump track there is now a skills zone, complete with wood features and skinnies for youth and adults to practice!

Three large jump lines (green, blue, and black) have been added to the area and are now open to the public.


If you’ve got a bike, now’s the time to head down to the waterfront, explore the new pump track, and get an excellent, no-cost, adrenaline-filled workout.

Kulshan Trackside is now located at the Waterfront and is open for business. A new ice cream shop, The Selkie Scoop is up and running at the Waterfront as well.

Come and enjoy the pump track, hang out with your kids at the available picnic tables, and get something to eat or drink. Bathrooms have been installed near the brewery.

WMBC runs youth programs down at the pump track on Thursdays, curious about volunteering? Click the button below to email with your availability and interest.

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