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Group Ride Volunteer Requirements

Ride Leader or Sweep?

Here are the requirements:

RIDE LEADERS Steps 1-4 are required
SWEEPS Steps 1-2 are required


Step 1 Sign the WMBC Waiver: Find our annual waiver here. Scroll down to 2023 Group Ride Volunteers

Encouraged: Become a WMBC member:



Step 2 IF RIDING WITH YOUTH: Complete and Submit a Background Check: Go through Bellingham Public Schools: WASP background check.

Exceptions: Teachers in Whatcom/Skagit County; students in a local high school; already approved volunteers within BPS for 2022-2023 school year

Find your status here:

Forward approval email to

Step 3 First Aid/CPR Certification: In-person class is preferred. Check out Backcountry Medical Guides and/or Remote Medical Training. They both have courses coming up and WMBC can provide a partial reimbursement.


EVERY FOUR YEARS (if you stay active)

Step 4 Stay tuned for Ride Leader Trainings for Spring 2024:​​

If you have received a Ride Leader Certification from another organization, please email certificate to

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