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Spencer Anthony-Cahill

Spencer moved to Bellingham in 1997 to teach biochemistry at WWU, where he held various leadership positions among the faculty, as well as running a small research group focused on developing modified human hemoglobin as a blood replacement. Spencer started biking on Galbraith in 2004 and he enjoys taking every opportunity to introduce visitors to the local trail systems, whether hiking or mountain biking. To that end, in 2023, Spencer began volunteering with the Vamos Outdoors Project and the WMBC Ambassador program. Spencer is deeply grateful for the work WMBC has done to develop and preserve access to a world-class trail system. Spencer looks forward to serving as a member of the WMBC Board to continue that work, while expanding access for all members of our community. When not riding (or working on) bikes he may be found playing bass with the Legendary ChuckleNuts.

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