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What are Pump Tracks?

  • Manmade closed dirt circuit tracks with rollers in between and berms at each end for continuous riding.

  • Designed to be ridden without pedaling.

  • A full-body workout, riders use their body to pump — push down into the dip after an elevation and pull up before the crest of a mound — throughout the continuous loop.

What are the Benefits?

Pump tracks are fun for riders of all ages and abilities. They improve access to riding with their urban locations and quick learning curve. Plus they don't require an expensive mountain bike and can be ridden on all kids of bikes from rigid frames to BMX.

waterfront pump track.jpeg

Proposed Pump Track and Skills Zone on
Lummi Nation

The Bronco Wild Fund is a community outreach program through Ford that granted ambassadors Paris Gore and Micayla Gatto a total of $20,000 to donate to a cause of their choice. They choose the Lummi Nation Bike Program to donate to! Half of the funds were used to purchase 13 bikes, 2 racks, helmets, and gear from Specialized for the Lummi Nation High School mountain bike program led by Randy Kuai and Nate Kamkoff - both teachers at the school. Paris and Micayla organized a bike building party in conjunction with WMBC staff members to show the kids how to put together bikes and get them excited to ride.

The other half of the grant is saved for the future building of a bike park on the High School grounds. More planning and fundraising for this bike park will happen in the spring, 2024 - keep an eye out! Paris has been going on rides with the students as much as possible and helping them get mentors in the community!

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