The Galbraith Mountain south side parking lot is out of Phase II of construction and the original footprint is open for use as of November 24th, 2021.


If you're wondering why the WMBC took on the parking lot project, read more about the Galbraith Easement here.

Our generous and supportive community raised the monumental funds of $540k needed to renovate and enlarge this much-used parking lot and we are finally moving forward! The parking lot improvement is meant to keep up with the increase in riders in our community and out of town visitors. Please stay patient during construction and avoid overcrowding neighborhoods on the north and south sides with parked cars. When we get back into construction, we'll ask folks to ride from home and/or explore places you may not have ridden before like Stewart Mountain and the Chuckanut Mountains.


PHASE ONE (COMPLETE) Janicki Logging & Construction have cleared trees and stumps, with DNR and city arborists assisting in tree removal/retention. Due to wind/weather delays and an expanded scope of clearing hazard trees along the perimeter, this phase was extended past the original 8-10 day estimate and is now finished.



RAM Construction have ground stumps, excavated the lot, and hauled loads up to Galbraith.

RAM also expanded the pre-existing parking lot, lay down gravel for the winter, and reconnect the trail back to Lake Padden.


PHASE THREE (STARTING MARCH 2022) Or sooner depending on conditions, the asphalt cannot be laid until temperatures are warm enough. This is when the rest of the work will be done to trench for electrical, lay down gravel, add concrete pads for bathrooms, place trash cans, signage, kiosks, etc. and finally asphalting. Work left should take 6 weeks with reasonable weather.


WMBC Parking Lot Fundraiser Video




Donate to the parking lot fund by purchasing a brick that will be placed in a beautiful and unique bench-lined pathway at the new parking lot. Memoralize your engraving at an important gathering place for our community.

  • Gold Level: 12" x 12" brick w/ 4 lines x 21 characters & business logo

  • Silver Level: 8" x 8" brick w/ 4 lines x 16 characters

  • Bronze Level: 4" x 8" brick w/ 2 lines x 16 characters

With the Galbraith Easements secured and recreation access guaranteed forever, the WMBC has assembled an all-star team of professionals and we've been working hard on a new parking expansion design and implementation plan on Samish Way.  Our goal is to greatly increase safety for all trail users (especially after-school bike clubs), road cyclists on Samish Way, and drivers entering or exiting the parking lot. See below for an illustration of the new design compared to the current parking lot plus key parking lot design features.

A huge thank you to the Rotary Club of Bellingham for kickstarting our capital campaign for the parking lot expansion with their extremely generous donation of $86,000!


And another thank you to Recreation Northwest who connected us with an anonymous donor and presented us with a $100,000 check for this parking lot project. These funds will allow us asphalt the entire lot, instead of just part of it.

New Parking Lot Design Elements

  • 140+ parking stalls

  • 10' x 19’ long stalls to accommodate longer vehicles and bike racks

  • 3-4 porta potties

  • Kiosk with maps and Information

  • Crosswalk across Samish Way - waiting on county approval

  • Access will be directly across from Galbraith Lane

  • Trail access into Lake Padden Park

  • Brick pathway highlighting donated bricks with engravings


Our Team of professionals includes: