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Whatcom World Cup Race #5 | Wed, July 21st

Whatcom World Cup #5 - Sponsored by Kona Bikes!

The course starts at the top of Keystone and goes down the short descent into the flats before turning right onto upper Devilcross. Upper Devilcross has a quick climb over the small knoll and then drops down to the 4200 road where it will jog slightly to the right before heading down the old road grade and dips into the original Devilcross trail.

Before crossing the 2700 road, we are considering two line options that we will decide on early in the week. The first option is the right hand turn to rock roll and a sharp left corner (this is before the larger rock roll with the ladder). The 2nd option is the original trail that goes straight down the trail into the off-camber sandstone exit and then has to jog right to the next section of trail. We'll evaluate both for safety on Monday and make the call on which to include in the race, so please look at both when you pre-ride.

After the 2700 road crossing, the course will continue down the ridge and the course will FINISH just above the left off-camber rock corner (above the bridge). From there, riders will continue across the bridge and then climb up and take a left to the old logging road and then go left on the 2700 road to the apres zone.

Apres Zone:

This will be right where Devilcross goes across the 2700 road and a great spot to heckle above and below the road!

Start Times:

Because this course finish is in a bit of a hole, we'll try to start the race a bit earlier this week and will send out final start time on Tuesday after we see how many racers are signed up. Online registration will close at 3 PM on Wednesday!

Reminder: Keystone is a popular up-route, so if you're pre-riding these next few days, please take it easy while riding on the Keystone section of the course.

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