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Please Complete Community Surveys Regarding Recreation in Bellingham

The City of Bellingham Parks and Recreation Department invites you to participate in the master planning and naming of a new Birchwood Neighborhood park! The seven-acre Maplewood Mcleod Park is located at 2927 W Maplewood Ave. between Maplewood Ave. and Cherrywood Ave. The site generally slopes to the north-northeast, towards a ravine that parallels Maplewood Ave. and site slopes vary between 2% and 67%. Category II and IV wetlands and related buffers (critical areas) cover 72% of the park. The site is also inside the northern extent of historic underground coal mine workings. Survey and details.

The City of Bellingham is seeking community input on the development of its first Urban Forestry Management Plan (UFMP). The plan will describe the vision, values and goals for Bellingham’s urban forest. The urban forest is made up of the trees and forests found across public and private land. This includes street trees, park trees, forested open space, trees on institutional campuses, and trees in private ownership settings, ranging from parking lots to backyards. Survey and details.

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