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Trail Directions and Parking Lot Cones

Spring is sprung and our youth programming is in full tilt! Tuesdays and Thursdays are an especially busy time at the southside Galby parking lot and to facilitate youth drop-off and pick-up we will be creating a no-parking zone in the center of the parking lot, outlined in cones.

Please respect this new parking lot zoning for the safety of our young riders. Youth programs like the Flying Squirrels and our After School Bike Clubs have exploded this year and we need to create a safe a visible drop-off zone in the parking. Thank you for your help in enforcing this - the cones will be up by Tuesday afternoon! Stay safe out there!

Just a reminder to Galby riders that there are trail directional changes still in effect for covid-safety precautions and in order to keep the flow moving for our many After School Bike Clubs! See above photos for more details.

In addition to the directional changes outlined in these photos, the lower green trails (Bunny trails/Lost Giant area) are now directional with blue arrows - please follow these changes and stay kind and courteous out on the trails 🚵😎 Thanks for everyone's compliance!

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