For the safety of our youth, all volunteers will be required to submit to a criminal background check prior to any WMBC volunteer activity involving youth.

If you are a teacher or volunteer through the Bellingham public school system, and have already had a background check, please let me know. 


The potential volunteer will be responsible for filling out the Background Check and submitting it to WATCH:

Bellingham Public School Volunteer Background Check

I understand that my name, date of birth and driver’s license # will be submitted for a statewide criminal records check. 

I understand and agree that I have not been arrested or convicted of any crime against children, the crime of violence, sexual crime or any offense that would make it inappropriate for me to have contact with youth. 


I agree to get a background check and will forward those results to chardotw@gmail.com as soon as I receive it. Please allow approx. 15 minutes to fill out the form and allow approx 10 days to get results back.


I offer to volunteer my services to the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition. I understand that I am working at all times on a voluntary basis and will not be paid a regular salary and/or stipend for work done. I understand some Volunteers may be paid a discretionary stipend based on activity. I also understand that this agreement can be canceled at any time by the WMBC or me. If I am injured while volunteering for the WMBC, I may be covered by worker’s compensation insurance to the extent that is provided by law. In order to have any chance to be eligible for such coverage, I understand that I must follow the guidelines, policies, procedures, rules for safety, and any other regulations established by WMBC. I understand that I shall obtain my own medical insurance coverage for myself. I hereby release the WMBC its employees, agents, board, administrators, supervisors, coordinators, and volunteers from any liability for loss or injury to myself or property which might occur due to negligence or other acts or omissions. This release applies to any losses or injuries which may occur as a result of, or during my participation in, volunteer service. I realize that this release is a binding contract. 

The WMBC may use my photograph for any official WMBC publication and/or production, and I hereby assign to WMBC all rights in any and all images of me contained in photographs, videos, or otherwise while acting as a volunteer for WMBC.