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Whatcom World Cup #8 | Sat, Aug 14th Trackside Showdown!

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

This week we're switching it up with a Saturday pump track showdown at the Waterfront for Bike Fest!

Date: Racing on Saturday, August 14th from 1pm to 4pm.

Time Slots: Youth: ~1pm-145pm, Women: ~1:45pm-2pm, Men 19-29: ~2pm-2:45pm. Men 30+: ~2:45pm-3:15pm, open: ~3:15pm-4pm Racer's late to their segment can still race, but all racing ends at 4pm

Chip Pick-up: Ten minutes before your time slot, adults will be racing later in the afternoon and youth right at 1pm.

Registration: Link HERE, registration will be closed at 5pm on Friday, August 13th.

Format: Racers will race once on each side of the course, one run on the A side, one on the B side. No pedaling once 'on course' (Youth under 18 can pedal if needed).

Course: Start from Granary side (with back wheel touching the sidewalk), pedal to the cone, pump to the 180 degree berm and pump all the way back past the cone. Stay on your side of the course for that run, get back in line and then do the other side of the course.

Results: Winners determined by their combined/total time of those two runs.

Podium: Starts at 4:30PM; stick around after racing for podiums at Kulshan Trackside.

Bike Fest: After the pump track showdown head over to Kulshan Trackside for the dunk tank, music at 7pm, and more bike games! This is also the inaugural opening of the new jump lines and skills zone area.

Pump Track Showdown Course Preview:

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