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New Faces on Galby

Hope everyone is doing ok during our pandemic. 

Couple of things: we are actively monitoring our pandemic and will be in touch about ride programs things progress into the fall. 

We encourage folks to get outside and enjoy the outdoors as it is the safest place to socialize, and kids and adults really benefit from outdoor activity.

As for this summer and any group rides: 

1. As it stands now it is ok to get out on small group rides provided everyone follows the social distancing before, during and after the ride. 

2. Please wear a face mask when congregating and have one handy to quickly cover face in case coming upon other riders. Keep the mask around your neck when not on your face for quick access. 

3. Please be respectful and sensitive of other riders and trail users and the wide variety of comfort zones. It is reassuring to the ultra sensitive to don a mask as you pass them. 

4. The current guidelines cover groups of 5 participants (or more if from the same family-they count as one) and 2 ride leaders. 

Vamos Outdoors program: I am currently working Monday -Thursday mornings at Kulshan Middle School with migrant families aged 5-14 from Bellingham teaching them mountain biking. It is really great to get out with them and I am looking forward to showing them some of our trails on Galby and Whatcom Falls. This is deemed an "essential" program through the BSD.

We have just started this week and are working hard on social distancing and teaching the basics of mountain biking. Most of the kids will be ready to hit the trails by next week. See you out there!

Be in touch, stay safe, have fun.


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