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June 20th Update: Brushing, Whatcom World Cup, and the Waterfront

This is Eric Brown, your Executive Director. Happy Father's Day to all the rad dads out there and Happy Solstice to everybody.

Big announcement: Whatcom World Cups are happening this Wednesday, the 23rd! The course is going to be Eagle Scout into Atomic Dog. Cost is $15 per rider, the registration link will go live on Monday. Kids start at 4:30 PM and adults start at 6 PM. We are allowing kids 8 and up this year, unless they have previous race experience, then younger kids can race. If you have a race plate from last year, please bring it. We are using the same timing system and chips which means we don't have to get more if you have yours - don't worry if you need one, you can purchase it at registration.

Huge shout out to WECU and Jacks Bicycle Center and Boundary Bay, all TAP members, for brushing Family Fun Center, Cedar Dust, and the Cedar Dust jump trail. Shout out to bp who knocked out a ton of trails last week. And a massive thanks to Clark Wiese who has been organizing a weekly brushing party on Wednesdays - thanks to everyone who has been out there brushing and getting the trails in shape, it's super appreciated!

Waterfront update: Talus Turk and Spencer Arps have been working on shaping the advanced jump line, Ryan Joslyn is shaping the blue line and the beginner line is starting soon. There will also be a bunch of wood skinnies over by the Kulshan Trackside beer garden - expect an announcement for a big grand opening with Kulshan and the WMBC sometime in August! Thanks everyone! Enjoy Father's Day and the Solstice!


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