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Here's your May 5th update (a day late due to technical difficulties)!

-U Line has been re-opened and should be good to go for the season. Big thanks to Andrew Fletcher-Love and John Miller for their work!

-The Fanatik & Transition Dream Build Raffle ends tonight at 11:59 PM and we'll be selecting a winner tomorrow morning! The response has been amazing to say the least!

-Ryan is leading a trail day this Saturday at 10 AM with plans to do some clean up on Bottle Opener and Oly. Meet at the Oly, Bottle Opener & Kaiser intersection - please register on the website! Space is limited due to covid precautions.

-The Waterfront Bike Park is getting 3 jump lines and a skinnies zone for learning balance. We'll be hosting some public build days on those, so stay tuned.

-Our Spring bike clubs are in full swing and weeknights on the south side are a bit chaotic - especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays. A few things:

-We're putting cones in the center row of the parking lot to allow parents to drop off and pick up kids in a safe manner.

-If you're riding on weeknights, you may want to either stick to the north side or go after 6:30 when the clubs are finishing up.

-You'll also notice some arrows going up in the Lost Giants / Bunny Trails area to keep the bike clubs all flowing in the same direction on the weeknights.

-Galbraith Gravity Racing had their race last night with 70 kids on Air Chair. They're taking next week off in preparation for the NW Cup in Port Angeles, but will be back on the 19th with their last race of the Spring.

-Come down to Stemma Brewing tonight and pick up the awesome glasses designed by Brooklyn Bell and other Brooklyn inspired products from Groundkeeper Custom Fenders. Brooklyn and Keeley will be down there from 4-7 PM, so come and say hi!

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