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Galbraith Mountain Trails are back to Multi-Directional

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

PSA: Galbraith Mountain trails are back to multi-directional. This mainly affects the climbing trails on both the north side and south side (Ridge/QOD trail and Last Call/Gate & Switch trails) and the bunny trails area.

WMBC changed these trails to one-way this spring when we had large groups of youth riders passing each other in the bunny trails and on the climbing trails. Fall is a quieter time for youth groups and we removed the one-ways. Please be aware of this change and use caution when riding down any other multi-directional trails that may have riders coming up.

Covid and the Delta variant are still a concern for unvaccinated and at risk riders and you should wear a mask if you have health issues that put you at greater risk when in close proximity to other riders. Thank you.


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